john a palmisano
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UX Documents
Companies: Contrast, ION human, Pearson, OBCOMM, Sistron, RoadS@T, etc.
Roles: consulting, management (1995-present)
Industry: finance, retail, food & beverage, communications, social media, recruiting, non-profit, hospitality, publishing, etc.
Responsibilities: design, development, marketing, branding, consulting, user experience, database design, business strategy
This page is bascially for everything else: consulting projects, personal projects, smaller sites, etc. spanning the past 20+ years. I will provide more details about the individual projects when I add the full size images.
sample of work
Full size images will be added soon. Contact me to request more information.
Designer Appliances RA Landscaping RA Landscaping ION human ION human ION human Stacey's Creative Convections ION human ION human ION human RA Lanscapring & Design USA Interactive (prototype) Daphne Owen's ORBCOMM RoadS@T RoadS@T (prototype) Sistron International World Trade Center Relief Organization Chez Buffet Net-Menus Music-Share Net-Salon Rockerfellas cMarket Sovereign Motors Sovereign Motors: Mercedes Benz Sovereign Motors: Jaguar Sovereign Motors: Volkswagon The Kitchen Gallery Wasted Sunsets Wasted Sunsets The Finance Page The Finance Page (old design) Strobelite Belmar99 Compliance International Contrast Resume (old design) Contrast (prototype) Pasco International (prototype) Net-Weddings ORBCOMM (prototype) ORBCOMM (prototype) ORBCOMM (prototype) ORBCOMM (prototype) FOOM (prototype) FOOM (prototype) FOOM (prototype) Nancy Grey's Online Resume