john a palmisano
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Marketing & Branding

I have produced most types of UX deliverables over my career; including high- and low-fidelity wireframes, flow diagrams, use cases, personas, heuristic evaluations, site maps, competitive analyses, interactive prototypes, etc. Below are excepts from those documents.
sample of ux documents
Many more, along with full size images and descriptions, will be added soon. Access to some of the actual documents is available upon request.
PricewaterhouseCoopers Functional Prototype (HTML) Pfizer MAP Dynamic Site Map (Visio) MISI Intranet Dynamic Site Map (HTML) MISI Intranet Design Specs (Snagit) UBS Style Guide (Photoshop/HTML) Pfizer RIOS Wireframes (Visio) Pfizer RIOS Design Comps (Photoshop) Pfizer Flow Diagram (Visio) Merck CareerMatch Flow Diagram (Visio) Merck CareerMatch Process Flow Diagram (Visio) Merck CareerMatch Dynamic Site Map (Visio) Merck CareerMatch Wireframes (Visio) MISI Online Card Sorting Tool (PowerPoint) MISI Online Card Sorting Tool (PowerPoint) Pfizer DealEdge Site Map (Visio) Pfizer EasyRC Site Map (Visio) Pfizer SIR Dynamic Site Map (Visio) Pfizer Process Flow (Visio) Pfizer Global Search Wireframes (Visio) Pfizer RIOS Comp & Database Field Reference (Photoshop) MISI Intranet Design Specs (Visio)