john a palmisano
I have a diverse background working on websites in both management and hands-on roles. My extensive UX experience (as well as the study of human and consumer behavior) allow me to not only make a product easy to use, but to analyze every aspect of it and carefully guide users through the sales cycle, and increase conversions. Having worked in many fast-paced environments, I've learned to solve problems using a variety of resources such as site analytics, industry data, best practices, talking to sales and customer service teams, soliciting user feedback, and testing, as well as drawing on my own experience and applying basic common sense. I have a very goal-oriented approach where every action is intended to reach a very specific goal, which then addresses a larger business goal; allowing tasks to be prioritized for the highest ROI. I also believe in the "lean" model of making small changes and constantly testing and analyzing the results. - show more -
why me?
I've worked in the fastest-paced financial environments where I was always working on multiple projects, with tight deadlines that absolutely had to be met. I've also worked with limited resources where I had to be resourceful and come up with creative ways to get things done. There were times at companies where it was only myself and a single developer, and I handled everything from planning through to launch. I can get projects done. Not only can I get them done fast, but I can minimize risk and coordinate projects to get them done in the most logical order to make the best use of time and avoid unnecessary work. I consider any back-end systems that will need to be built or modified so that they're easy to maintain, and I automate as much as possible. For every project, I consider all possible scenarios as well as any possible issues that may arise. - show more -
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